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SU News Through the Eyes of Undergraduate Student, Emily Matthews

  • 4th December
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Salisbury University Plans to Build a New Library

SU students spend hours in Blackwell Library doing projects and studying, but this often comes with the stress of finding an open computer, table or study room in the insufficiently resourced library.

Blackwell Library was originally built in 1958 for a much smaller student body. Each year the university accepts more students and the facilities become even less beneficial for the students.

Each year The Princeton Review creates a list of The Best 368 Colleges. In 2011, Salisbury University was listed at number 18 on the list entitled, “This is a Library?” and number 2 on the list ”Students Study the Least,” mocking SU’s study facilities in comparison to other universities.

"I feel like a lot of students here don’t study because they get disheartened when they go into an overcrowded and unresourceful place," said Harsh Desai, recent SU graduate. “Blackwell Library is poorly stocked, and it’s not unusual for students to request books from other University of Maryland libraries.”

In 2007, the University proposed a plan to build a new library/academic commons on the current site of Caruthers Hall. As of fall 2011, the classrooms and faculty offices from Caruthers Hall have been moved to the newly built Franklin P. Perdue School of Business, preparing the building for its renovations.

The school estimates that the new library/academic commons will be constructed within the next five years and will encompass 200,000 square feet on three or more floors. The Nabb Research Center, currently located on East Campus, will be incorporated into the new library.

Once the development of the new library is completed, the current library will be turned into a classroom building. This is much lower on the school’s list of priorities and is estimated to be completed within the next 15 years.

For more information on the renovations, view the Recommendations and Site Development page.